After School Snack Bonanza!

When two hungry teenage boys come home from school and they stare at you like they have not eaten in days and if they don’t get food soon they will resort to seeing who is stronger and eating the weaker brother……. you know it is time to make something quick and filling!!! Now mind you these two boys are practically Latch Key Kids, so that when they come home from school they most often have to fend for themselves. When I have a day off I am home for them when they get home but most days I am at work when they first get off the school bus. The days that I am home I get big smiles as they know that their Step Mom that Loves them Sooooo Much will surely make them food!!! Nevermind when Dad is home and wants something real quick!

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The cast of crazy characters!!! It just so happens that I Love all Three of these Boys with all my heart! So when your boys, men, kids, girls or any combination therein comes home this is great super easy, super quick, snack to make!

After School Snack Bonanza!    

Recipe Type: snack, lunch

Author: The Plaid and Paisley Kitchen


  • 1 or 2 tubes refrigerator cresent rolls (I used 2 tubes)
  • a sampling of lunch meats (I used salami and deli chicken)
  • a sampling of sliced cheese (I used fresh mozzarella and swiss cheese)
  • a sampling of spreads (I used Italian dressing and dijon mustard)


  1. Unroll the cresent rolls and choose your flavor combinations to mix
  2. I used the italian dressing, fresh mozzarella, and salami on 8 cresents
  3. and dijon mustard, swiss cheese, and deli chicken on the other 8 cresents
  4. roll the cresents up and bake according to package directions.
  5. I baked at 375 for 15 min

My three boys were very happy and less cranky after this snack.  It also makes a great lunch with a bowl of chicken noodle soup!

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