Cream Cheese Pear Sandwich

Lunch just got tastier and healthier! This Harvest Blends Cream Cheese Pear Sandwich is so good and a great diversion from turkey breast, that lunch time standard. The tang of the cream cheese is balanced perfectly with the sweetness of the pear. I am always looking for new and fun lunches to take to work. Turkey and ham are certainly classic, but this is a great new twist on lunch!

When I made this sandwich in the past I put sprouts on it also. I love sprouts! Unfortunately there must have been a problem with the crop this year. I can’t seem to find them in my regular stores and when I do they are outrageously priced. If you have them in your area I highly recommend that you add some to this sandwich!

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I want to talk about this bread for a minute. Pepperidge Farm® Harvest Blends Bread variety of Seeded, Sprouted and Ancient Grains are amazing! I was a bit skeptical of the Ancient Grain. I don’t do quinoa. It’s a texture thing for me. But baked into the bread and the extra seeds on top were so surprisingly good! Of the three varieties it was my favorite! Baked with a touch of amaranth, quinoa, sorghum and teff. Super healthy and Super good!

The other 2 Harvest Blends of Seeded and Sprouted were also excellent. The Seeded has sunflower, flax and sesame seeds. I really liked this bread as my toast in the morning. The seeds when heated are nice and crunchy. Perfect with peanut butter and sliced banana!

The Sprouted is made with sprouted whole wheat. Another great sandwich option!

Right now these Harvest Blends are just available in the Midwest. Yay go Middle!! So all my Midwest/Great Lakes readers head out to the store and buy this tasty and healthy bread up so all our friends across the country can hopefully have these breads in their regions soon!

Along with all the fun lunch combos that you can make with this bread, don’t forget breakfast! Think outside the standard toast box. There is nothing like a good bacon, egg and cheese sandwich to get your day going!!!

What is your favorite sandwich? It’s so fun to know what you like! It helps me create more recipes that will bring you back time and time again.


  • Pepperidge Farms Harvest Blend Bread of Choice I used Ancient Grains
  • Whipped ready to spread cream cheese
  • Bosc or Bartlett pears sliced
  • Bean Sprouts (if desired or if you can find)


  1. toast the bread
  2. spread the cream cheese
  3. layer the sliced pears and bean sprouts if using
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