English Toffee Cookies

Looking at these you might say “Eh a Chocolate Chip Cookie is a Chocolate Chip Cookie…” I am here to tell you that these are no ordinary cookies at all!! English Toffee Cookies might just be your new obsession!!!

I don’t even know how I am going to get through writing this post with out running down to the kitchen to make another batch of these! They are so addicting that I had to give them away. Picture me sitting on the sofa with a plate of these acting like Gollum… “My Precious…My Precious….”

That is how Crazy Cray Cray Good these are!!! English Toffee Cookies are easy as a chocolate chip but oh so much more than just a cookie. They are EPIC!!

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If you have ever had English Toffee then you know how amazing that caramelized sugar is coated in the most delectable dark chocolate. It is truly a party in your mouth! These cookies have the best mix in to cookie dough ever made………. Heath Bar Bits!!!!

I love a good soft chocolate chip cookie bursting with chips! Now when you add in the Heath Bar Bits…… Heaven!!!

I think that these would be perfect your cookie exchange as you can be pretty sure that everyone will oooh and ahhh all over them. You will be the Queen of the Cookies!

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