Oreo Cookie Bon Bons

It’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY!!! I know that your parties are in full swing right now and I am sure that I will be yelling at Flacco to make sure that he wins this game! Year after year we have all had to sit through The Patriots and The Giants going to the Super Bowl, it’s predictable and it’s boring. Unless you are my husband and The Pat’s and The Giants are your home teams! My #1 team is the Titans {don’t laugh! we all have to have a home team} my #2 team is the RAVENS!!!! They are my top pick for a totally Girly reason. I love the city Baltimore, I am a HUGE Edgar Allen Poe fan {the team is named for his most famous poem…. get it?} and they have FABULOUS colors!!! . I look Great in Purple and Black!! And as a bonus they happen to be a great team. It’s a win win all the way around!!!! So let’s all shout GO Ravens!!!

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I know most of you are going but wait…. didn’t you just move to the Mid West and come from the Bay Area/ Central Valley? Well yes, yes we did. But the kicker is I am an AFC girl and did I mention that I look great in Purple and Black?! Not so much in Red and Gold….. So for the Big Day I wanted to make something fun for you. What’s more appropriate than Little Chocolate Footballs on a day like this?

The great thing about these Bon Bon’sit only takes 3 ingredients that’s right only 3 ingredients are called for! You can whip these up an hour before game time or make them a day or two before and just toss them in the freezer! Once the chocolate coating is hard you can store them super easy till it’s time to need them! They are perfect bite sized portion control candy bites. Just use a food processor to make crumbs out of Oreo Cookies mix with Cream Cheese and form chill and coat with melted Candi Quick! Presto you have a an amazing gourmet Bon Bon!

They look great don’t they?! So tasty and so much fun for your party. Another great thing is now that this is the last day of Football this Season you can make these bon bons just how they are! Valentine’s Day, Easter, Mother’s Day all these still need chocolate treats. Don’t let the football shape scare you off till next August, make some all year long for any occasion. Use any flavor Oreo that you want. Nabisco makes many wonderful flavors of Oreo’s. I am partial to Double Stuff and the Traditional, but I can tell you that come next Christmas I am making Gingerbread Oreo Bon Bon’s! So go ahead and experiment and have fun with the flavor combinations!

So which ever team wins today is not as important that you all have Fun and Eat Good Food! {insert whistle blowing noise} Have a Great Day!!!! Go Ravens!


  • 2 Sleeves of Oreo Cookies
  • 1 8 oz box of cream cheese
  • 1/2 package of Candi Quick
  • See just 3 ingredients!


  • In a food processor make crumbs out of the cookies
  • in a mixing bowl cut in with a pastry cutter or use your hands to combine the crumbs and the cream cheese (using your hands is messier but it much faster and easier)
  • once combined pull tablespoon size pieces off and roll into a ball
  • place on a wax paper lined cookie sheet and freeze for 15-30 min
  • take the balls and form them into oval/ football shapes (if you are not making footballs and just making regular bon bons skip this step)
  • put back in the freezer for 10 min
  • melt the Candi Quick according to package directions
  • dip the bon bons in and coat completely
  • place back on the cookie sheet to set
  • once set pipe the lines or any other design that you want
  • if the bottoms have this little “foot” thing from the excess chocolate just use a paring knife to cut the excess off
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