Summer Beer

The Sun is out and it’s warming up! Time for a new Summer Cocktail. Summer Beer is a fun and easy drink to make. It makes a ton so it’s perfect for those Summer BBQ’s. Even if you don’t like beer you will LOVE this!

Okay so I have to admit I am not a fan of Beer. It’s bitter, and full of carbs. {#denialsoiswine} My husband, Steve even brews his own. We have a brewery in the basement! No Joke. I still don’t like beer. But I do love a good cocktail!

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Summer Beer is light fresh, slightly sweet, with only a hint of beer flavor. Oh and it has Vodka, my drink of choice in cocktails!

When we lived in California {#whydidweeverleave} we made this all the time at every pool party. Which was just about every Weekend. We made huge batches and it was gone every time. For this recipe I pulled back a little to make only a pitcher’s worth. Still just as good as the big batch!

What is in this amazingly fun drink you are asking yourself. How on earth is it pink? Well I’ll tell you. Strawberry Lemonade Mix. Yep just that easy. Strawberry Lemonade mix, vodka, beer. Sweet, tangy and packs a punch. Be careful since you can’t really taste the alcohol it can sneak up on you if you drink too much too quickly.

There is still a bit of a head on this, so if the guys are making fun of your “girly” drink you can just say well it’s still beer, so there! I get teased a lot for not drinking beer when we always have kegs and kegs of the stuff around here. I just dress the beer up. I think it tastes better this way!

Here are a few tips for whipping a batch up.

Put the drink mix and vodka in first and stir to mix the powder up. If you wait to stir after you pour the beer, it’s going to make a foamy spillover mess.

Not a fan of Strawberry Lemonade? The use regular or pink lemonade.

Use a light beer. If you use a lager, ale, or wheat you will lose out on the sweet lemonade taste. I used Heineken. Feel free to use any brand you like. Just make sure it is a Light Beer.


  • Strawberry Lemonade Drink Mix {enough to make 1 quart}
  • 1 cup quality Vodka
  • 6 pack of Light Beer


  1. In a 2 quart or larger pitcher
  2. add the drink mix
  3. pour the vodka and stir to combine mix and vodka
  4. slowly pour in the beer one bottle {or can} at a time
  5. let the head come down each time before you pour the next one
  6. depending on the size of your pitcher you may not need all six bottles
  7. Please Drink Responsibly
  8. Enjoy!

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